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Mortgage Insurance

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The right kind of martgage insurance

Mortgage Insurance is a form of life insurance that pays off your mortgage in the
event of death. Term Insurance is best suited for this type of coverage.

Mortgage Insurance Offered by the Bank VS Private Mortgage Insurance.

Bank’s Mortgage Insurance


  • Coverage decreases with your mortgage while prices increase.
  • Insurance proceeds are payable to the bank.
  • Coverage ends once the mortgage is paid off.
  • You will need to re-apply for mortgage insurance each time you move houses.

Private Mortgage Insurance


  • Coverage stays the same and prices never increase for the chosen term.
  • Insurance proceeds are payable to your beneficiary with creditor protection.
  • Coverage continues after you have paid off your mortgage.

Key Benefits of Private Mortgage Insurance

Lower Premiums

  • Up to 30% cheaper than the bank.
  • Your coverage will follow you if you move to another residence.

Better Coverage

  • Coverage does not decrease with your mortgage.
  • Up front underwriting to insure claims.

Creditor Proof

  • By naming a beneficiary, creditors cannot claim insurance proceeds from your estate.
  • Your beneficiary has control.

Mortgage Insurance is geared towards homeowners who carry a mortgage on their home.

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