Whole Life Insurance Leads

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Your Own Lead Generation System
Gateway to unlimited life insurance leads in Canada
What is your own lead generation system?
A done-for-you insurance lead generation system that generates pre-qualified insurance leads through Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and other various advertising platforms.
How does it work?

Your own insurance lead generation system is a combination of a website for your online presence, ai chat bot for answering visitors questions about insurance, get quote system to provide your prospects with accurate life insurance quotes and an advertising system set-up that generates the type of leads you always wanted.

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Who should get this system?
Best suitable for Team leaders, Agencies, AGA’s, MGA’s and highly ambitious producers. This lead generation system is like a factory that produces leads on autopilot.

Post COVID, every insurance advisor must have this system to be able to run their insurance business online.

What is the return on my investment?
Investment made in the lead generation system is recovered within the first two weeks as reported by insurance advisors who have been using the system Canada wide.
When will be the lead generation system delivered?
Official time is 30 days. However usually we deliver within a week.
Where is the lead generation system built?
We are a Canadian insurance lead generation company. All our development and operations are based in Toronto.
Member Price
Become a member and get life insurance leads at a discounted price
Why membership?
Membership is for committed life insurance advisors who are looking for Canadian life insurance leads on a regular basis at a discounted price.
How does membership work?
There are 2 types of memberships.

1. Basic membership for $599 allows the member to buy up to 100 life insurance leads each month at a discounted price.

2. Premium membership for 1,299 allows the member to buy unlimited life insurance leads each month at a discounted price.

Phone and email support 7 days a week.
Retail Price
Get quick access to life insurance leads in Canada
What is retail price
Leads sold at the highest cost is the retail price package. Suitable for advisors who just like to try out life insurance leads or advisors who do not have much lead requirement.
Can I get a membership after trying out retail priced leads?
Yes, you can get a membership after trying out a batch of leads at retail price. However you will have to still pay the membership fee.
Phone and email support 7 days a week.
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